Simple Minecraft Command Hacks

Minecraft is a game of surviving. But some people don’t always play by the rules. I have almost never played a legitimate survival game. I’m here to teach you some of the most simple hacks in the game that can be used to cheat for fun, impress your friends, or anything else.


/give @s _____

This gives yourself (@s) any item of your choice. If you want to give yourself a two worded object, put an underscore as a space. Examples:

/give @s diamond_sword

/give @s experience_bottle

/give @s diamond 64

This last one should give you a stack of diamonds. Add a number at the end to signify quantity.


/kill @_

This command is useful for trolling. It immediately kills something or multiple things.

@s is yourself

@r is random player

@e is all entities

@p is closest player

@a is all players


/summon _____

This summons something. If typed into chat, it will summon something at yourself. Type whatever you want to summon into the blank.



This teleports something to something else. You can use this to get out of a cave if you get lost or anywhere.

/tp @e @s

Teleports all entities to your position.

You can also use coordinates.




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