Extensive Guide for PvZ GW 2

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (PvZ GW2) is a 3rd person shooter game and one of the latest installments in the Plants vs. Zombies series. It includes most of the characters from PvZ GW and a lot of elements from Plants vs. Zombies. You can be either plants or zombies. Directly below are my breakdowns and takeaways after playing many hours.





These are like the assault class. They are mobile and do area damage at a decent rate. They are average in health, damage, rate of fire, and speed. Abilities:

Chili Bean Bomb: It launches a bomb that deals tremendous damage. It doesn’t detonate on impact. Also, it attracts AI Zombies.

Pea Gatling: Turns you into a turret. You can’t move, but you can turn. Limited ammo, but deals a ton of damage really fast.

Hyper: Move faster and jump higher. Can be used to get to sniping positions or escape.



These are the plant healers. They do decent damage and move quickly, but have medium health. Their abilities heal team mates, so they are often targeted. Abilities:

Heal Beam: Heals team mates in a limited range. She has to be close to people to heal them.

Heal Flower: Plants a flower that shoots out sun. Sun heals Plants that pick it up. It can die.

Sunbeam: Basically the Pea Gatling but a laser.



These are the melee attackers. They do a lot of damage and have a lot of health. Their speed is average. By getting behind someone, they can swallow them. After swallowing, they cannot attack for a short period. Note that for some armored troops and bosses, it deals significant damage and spits them back out.  Abilities:

Goop: The only ranged attack of the Chomper, its damage is virtually non-existent. It deals damage over time. The main function is to make the target useless, and therefore easy to chomp. The target moves and turns slower, and cannot use abilities.

Burrow: The Chomper goes underground for a while. While underground, no one can attack it, and it moves faster. Note that it does not last forever, and the Engineers Sonic Grenade will force you out of the ground. Upon emerging (not forcefully), you snap upwards and can chomp an enemy.

Spikeweed: It functions like a mine. When a zombie steps on it, they are trapped and hung upside down so you can chomp them. Deals some damage.


Cactus: The sniper. He deals above average damage. He shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger. Moves slowly and low health. Because of this, players often target Cactuses. Abilities:

Potato Mine: A mine that deals a ton of damage. It does not move.

Garlic Drone: You control a drone that can fly and shoot. Note that if you are hurt, you get knocked out of drone control. Also, the drone has health and limited fuel. Abilities:

  • Ascend: Moves up. No cooldown.
  • Corn Strike: Calls in an airstrike that deals a ton of damage. Note that there is a pause after you trigger the ability. Aim ahead of your enemy or at a group.
  • Descend: Moves down. No cooldown.

Tallnut Battlement: Creates a small wall that is used to fortify sniping positions. It has a decent amount of health, but  it can be destroyed.


Citron: The tank. He has the most health out of the plants. He deals low damage, but makes up for it with his rate of fire. He has infinite ammo, but needs cooldown if used for too long. Has abilities to make him move faster. My personal favorite. Abilities:

EMPeach: He throws what can be summarized as a stun grenade. It slows zombies down for several seconds, and prevents ability usage. Note that it has a devastating effect on Z-Mechs.

Citron Ball: He curls up and turns into a ball with higher speed and jump height. No cooldown. Abilities:

  • Hyper Ball: Speeds up even more and jump extremely high.
  • Ball Charge: He charges forward, doing damage and knocking zombies away. There is a slight delay after you trigger the ability, when he charges up.

Peel Shield: He gains a personal shield that has a set amount of health. He can still shoot through it.  The shield only protects his front.


Rose: The mage. She has homing shots. To home in, the enemy has to be in her crosshair, which is larger than normal. Note that these shots cannot go through walls. She has average health, but deals above average damage. She has unique abilities. Abilities:

Time Snare: She shoots a projectile that explodes in a red cloud. Enemies caught in it will be slow and vulnerable for several seconds. Enemies also cannot use abilities, making this useful for charging a graveyard or similar control point.

Arcane Enigma: Makes Rose invincible for several seconds. She has a limited amount of “fuel”. She can use this fuel to do area damage around her. Useful for attacking groups of enemies or escaping.

Goatify: Turns zombies into goats. The goats do almost no damage. After some time or enough damage taken, they turn back into zombies.


Kernel Corn: The damage dealer. He moves slowly, but deals a ton of damage. he has above average health, but is targeted due to his abilities, which all do an enormous amount of damage. Abilities:

Butter Barrage: He throws a potato, which calls in an airstrike. The airstrike drops butter in an X shape, which then explodes, dealing massive damage. Good for leading the assault on a control point. Note that there is a pause between the ability trigger and the actual attack.

Husk Hop: He jumps a big distance, upside down. As he jumps, he uses his weapons and drops little explosives that explode on impact. Good for getting hard to reach places and damaging groups on enemies on short notice.

Shuck Shot: He shoots two missiles that deal a ton of damage upon impact. They deal area damage, so it can damage multiple enemies.


Torchwood: ??? Abilities:







Foot Soldier: The Assault class. He moves fast, deals damage, and can make a quick getaway before he dies. Average health and damage. Abilities:

ZPG: He launches a rocket that deals a ton of damage. This is used for damaging groups of enemies.

Rocket Jump: He jumps a long distance. Can be used to getaway or get to sniping positions.

Zombie Stink Cloud: He creates a thick cloud of purple clouds. Zombie can partially see through it, but plants cannot see through it. Deals a little damage. By hiding in it, you can shoot enemies, while they have to shoot randomly to hit you. Coupled with a ZPG and some zombies, you can take a garden or control point by walking in and shooting half dead plants. Dissipates after a while.


Engineer: He moves fast, stuns, and deals area damage. Average health, but if used correctly, that won’t matter. Deals decent damage, but don’t overestimate your firepower. Abilities:

Sonic Grenade: Throws a speaker that stuns and disables enemies for a short period. It also forces Chompers out of the ground.

Jackhammer: He rides on it, moving very fast. You can cancel it at anytime. Note that you can still shoot while this ability is activated.

Big Bolt Blaster: He summons a turret and rides it. Can be canceled. Has a limited amount of ammo, but shoots it at a ridiculous rate. Deals tons of damage. Note that once activated, it is fixed in place until canceled or out of ammo.


Scientist: He has a shotgun. He can teleport. He can set mines. What else do you want? He deals a lot of damage, and he can heal. Low speed, but high damage. Abilities:


Sticky Explody Ball: He throws a small purple ball that functions as a mine. Sticks to any surface, even a zombie. Explodes when plants get near.

Warp: Teleports a short distance forward. Can stack up. Be careful not to warp into a bunch of plants. Skillfully using warp will let you teleport in, dealing maximum damage with your shotgun, then teleporting our before you die. Don’t overestimate how far you warp. It is not a big distance, but enough to escape with your life (usually). Note that you cannot warp through walls.

Heal Beam of Science: Heals allies. Limited range. No cooldown.


All-Star: The tank. He deals moderate damage at a high fire rate. He has the most health out of the zombies. Often targeted by players because of his health and damage. Slow speed, making it difficult to escape. His primary weapons has unlimited ammo, but being fired too long causes it to overheat. It takes a second for the weapon to charge up after the trigger is pulled. Also, he moves slower while firing. Moves slow, but high health and damage. Abilities:

Imp Punt: He kicks an Imp that bounces around before exploding and dealing a lot of damage. Useful for leading the assault on a control point as it deals damage and confuses players.

Sprint Tackle: He dashes forward, dealing damage and knocking plants back. Arguably the most useful ability, because it is the only way he can escape a tricky situation. Because he is targeted, he gets in a lot of situations. Usually needed faster than it can cool down, so be careful.

Dummy Shield: He places a football dummy that absorbs damage. it has a set amount of health. Useful for guarding Graveyards.


Imp: The polar opposite of Citron. While Citron is slow and has a lot of health, the Imp is insanely fast and has almost no health. Double jumping allows you to hover for a couple seconds. His rate of fire is insane, and he is basically a mobile Big Bolt Blaster. Small and hard to hit. Abilities:

Impkata: He spins around in random patterns, shooting all around him and dealing damage like a maniac. Almost impossible to control once activated, and cannot be cancelled. Being careless with this ability will result in a death.

Gravity Grenade: Throws a grenade that traps plants. Plants effected while rise up in the air, vulnerable. When plants are in the air, they are all next to each other so an area damage attack would be devastating.

Robo-Call: Sends and SOS message out. After a few seconds, a robot drops out of the sky, and the Imp equips it. This is called a Z-Mech. Note that an EMPeach is devastating, stunning you for a long time. The primary weapon shoots fast and has infinite ammo, but can overheat. Also, you get targeted because of your general OPness. Abilities:

  • Robo Stomp: Stomps the ground, dealing damage to all nearby plants.
  • Missile Madness: Starts shooting missiles that deal a ton of damage. Useful for clearing out groups of plants. Oh, and everything else.
  • Explosive Escape: The Imp ejects the Z-Mech. The Z-Mech explodes, dealing a ton of damage in a large radius.

Captain Deadbeard: A versatile character, capable of up close combat or sniping. His primary weapon switches between a shotgun and an explosive sniper. Zooming in changes into a sniper, while default is a shotgun. Can be used to fill in any job needed, whether it be guarding a graveyard, assault, defense, cover fire, sniping…He has average health and speed, but is extremely versatile and does decent damage. Abilities:

Parrot Pal: Basically a garlic drone (see cactus), with same abilities but different names.

Cannon Rodeo: He mounts a giant cannon with limited ammo. The cannonballs are explosive and deal a lot of damage. Useful for covering an assault or defense. Able to cancel.

Barrel Blast: He crawls inside a barrel filled with explosives. You can manually light the fuse, or wait until the timer runs out. After fuse is lit, there is a slight pause. Then, he goes KABOOM, dealing tons of damage all around. He is launched into the air.


Super Brainz: The melee attacker. He deals a lot of damage up close. He has a three hit combo that loops, each hit doing more damage than its predecessor. By zooming in, his weapon turns into a laser that deals low damage. By holding the jump button, he flies up for a little bit, but eventually comes back down. In a map with little gravity, he flies up very high before slowly coming back down. Moderate health. High damage and average speed. Abilities:

Heroic Kick: He charges forward, passing through plants and dealing damage.

Super Ultra Ball: He shoots a large projectile that deals a ton of damage and explodes. Useful for attacking enemies from afar or leading the assault on a bunch of half dead and confused plants.

Turbo Twister: He spins around, dealing damage around him. He takes less damage in this state.


Hover Goat-3000: ??? Abilities:






The quest to obtain the torchwood and hover goat-3000 are both long and treacherous. Are you willing to discover the secrets behind the game?

  1. Obtain 25 yellow stars and buy the key. To get to the key, enter the town hall and turn right. Move forward a bit and it will be to the right of you.
  2. Once you buy the key, go down the sewers to Gnome Man’s Land. Go the the huge lock on the left. A cutscene will show. This unlocks the portal to the gnome land.
  3. Obtain 50 rainbow stars to buy the big chest in the middle. To get to the chests, go into the town hall and turn left. Buy the chest in the middle by walking up to it.
  4. Open the chest to receive your colored key. Go to the portal you unlocked earlier.
  5. In the gnome land, find the colored lock that matches your key. Unlock it. Going through the portal will result in teleporting to a trial. Beat the trial. Write down the code it shows you at the end. You will use it later.
  6. Continue steps 3-5 until you have beaten all 4 trials. Note that it is possible (albeit very rare) to open a 50 star chest and not get a key. Also, the trials are designed to be hard. Don’t give up. Also, after you beat each trial a code will be revealed. Jump in the huge portal in the middle of Gnome land. Entering the code will summon a boss. Beat the boss to get equipment. After beating the boss, go to Gnome land.
  7. Go to the throne room. A portal will be opened. Going through the portal will reveal a code with two blanks. Fill in the blanks with the corresponding code you received earlier. The first code will fill in the blanks for the second code. Each color will have two blanks. Together, they make 8 blanks. Put the blanks in order to get the final code. Write it down or memorize it.
  8. Go through the big portal in the center. Enter the final code you wrote down. Then get ready for the fight of your life.
  9. You can fight with the same code multiple times, so if you fail, you can try, try again.
  10. Beating the Gnome king will open a rainbow portal in the throne room. Go through the portal to reveal two chests. The left chest unlocks the Torchwood. The right unlocks the Hover Goat-3000.
  11. But wait! You’re not done yet! You have to unlock the chest. Each chest has 5 locks. Unlock a lock by paying 15 rainbow stars. Unlock 5 locks and get a new character.

Things to remember:

The codes are random. Copying off of someone won’t do anything. You have to find your own codes.

It is definitely recommended to get Xbox Live Gold, or have multiplayer enabled. Playing multiplayer matches is the best way to earn rainbow stars. 3 stars if you lose, 8 stars if you win. (I think.)

The other way to get rainbow stars is to trade 7 yellow stars for one. It’s pricey and time consuming.

Last, don’t get frustrated over the trials or if you can’t play multiplayer. The game is huge and evolving. There will probably be new ways to get rainbow stars, or other features to make it possible. Even then, there are so many other things in the game, including Infinity time. I will probably write something about that in the future.

Thank you!






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