This blog will talk about Fortnite. I hope this helps you get your first solo win!


THIS BLOG IS OUTDATED. I’m too lazy to edit this because this took me hours to do. much of this information still holds, but you should decide what has been imbalanced by updates and what still works.


Note: Ranges from low to high:

Low: 1-2 building spaces

Low-Medium: 3-10 building spaces

Medium:10-30 building spaces

Medium High: 30-50 building spaces

High: 50-80 building spaces

Extreme: 80+


Assault Rifles

Assault Rifle:

These come in all rarities. They deal decent damage at a high fire rate at medium range. They can be used as a semi accurate sniper at medium range. While not moving, they can be highly accurate. The epic and legendary forms of this, called SCARS, are widely considered the best weapon in the game! These forms can be found late game. Individual shots are accurate but multiple shots in a row quickly widen the spread. Deadly at low medium range.

Burst Assault rifle:

These come in all rarities. They are similar to the Assault Rifle but shoot 3 shots at once. They exchange higher fire rate for lower accuracy. These come in Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Assault Rifle with scope:

Exactly what is says. It has a low scope and low damage but can be used as a sniper at medium high range. Deals more damage per second than a bolt action sniper but useless at low range. Appears in rare and epic forms.


High damage at medium range but incredibly slow reload. Used in short bursts, this can be used to decimate entire squads. i once got 5 kills with an epic version of this in less then 3 minutes. Appears in rare and epic forms.


Suppressed Sub-Machine Gun:

To put it blunt, these suck. They deal low damage at a medium fire rate at no accuracy. Do not use these unless you have no other options. Taking one can be compared to eating broccoli so you don’t starve. These come in Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Tactical Sub-Machine Gun:

Low range, incredibly high damage. They use ammo fast but deal an insanely high amount of damage per second for their rarity. These come in Common, Uncommon, and Rare. No accuracy but can destroy buildings fast in early game. Not moving can make it a semi-accurate sniper but one shot immediately widens the spread an incredible amount. One of my favorite weapons because of its raw power. Can be used effectively in place of a shotgun. NOTE THAT you must be talented enough to hit your enemies repeatedly with this before using it at all. You cannot afford mistakes with this.


Like a tactical Sub except no reloading and higher damage. Takes up ammo insanely fast but can be used to destroy enemy bases. These can destroy portaforts in seconds. Not recommended for normal use because of its insane spread. Appears in epic and legendary forms.



A low damage close range weapon. Early game it can be devastating, especially in the close confines of Dusty or Tilted. However, it is quickly matched and overtaken by assault rifles of all kinds. Drop these once there are about 65 to 70 people left. Fires as fast as you can fire. Appears in Common, uncommon, and rare forms.


Medium damage at the cost of a fire rate of slightly lower than 1 bullet per second. Shoots slowly but low spread. Not very good in general but can be used as an early game supplementary sniper. Appears in Common, uncommon, and rare forms.

Hand cannon:

High damage and accuracy but low rate of fire. Use at medium range or else. Headshots are pretty much instakill. Body shots deal high damage as well. Appear in epic and legendary forms.

Suppressed pistol:

High damage per second but shooting it repeatedly causes a high spread. At Low medium range, it can be deadly. Can also be used as a semi-accurate sniper. Appears in Epic and legendary forms.


Pump Shotgun:

High damage at a low range and fire rate. Appears in uncommon and rare forms. Switching between two of them can result in a much higher fire rate and is a great choice for a shotgun fight. Otherwise get a shot or two off before switching to the…

Tactical Shotgun:

Medium damage at a high fire rate, it is used in most shotgun fights because of its damage and spread. It covers a wide area making it difficult to miss unless you are a complete noob-athon. These come in Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Heavy Shotgun:

Like a pump but more damage and higher rate of fire. Appears in Epic and legendary.


Bolt Action Sniper Rifle:

Incredibly high damage at a low fire rate because the clip is one. Has a powerful scope. Note that the shot is affected by gravity over long distances. Also, don’t use it at close range. Most effective at medium high to high range. Appears from rare to legendary forms.

Hunting Rifle:

The hunting rifle is similar to the bolt action but it has a higher fire rate at lower damage. There is no scope, rather, you will zoom in extra. However, it still fires relatively slowly and is a terrible choice for close range.  Most effective at medium high to high range. Appears in uncommon and rare forms.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle:

With a clip of 10, it has the highest fire rate of all snipers, has a good scope and can deal a lot of damage relatively fast. The shots are affected by gravity. One of my favorite weapons, I love it because of its damage and versatility. Most effective at medium to high range. Appears in epic and legendary forms.

All snipers can be used at extreme range but the unpredictable curve can make it hard to hit anything.

Explosive weapons:

Rocket Launcher:

Shoots a rocket which explodes, dealing a ton of damage to buildings and can often collapse an enemy base with one or two shots. Jumping onto a rocket at the right time is called rocket riding, where you fly and can shoot. The rocket is slower than a bullet and can be dodged if launched at players. Deals a ton of damage. Most effective at medium  to high range. Appears in rare to legendary forms.

Grenade Launcher:

Fires a grenade that flies in an arc. It deals tremendous damage but is heavily affected by gravity. You can also ride a grenade but because of its limited range and difficulty it is pointless to do so. using a grenade launcher is difficult but mastering it can yield great rewards. It can be used to shoot over cover or into the tops of bases. Most effective at low medium to medium high range. Appears in rare to legendary forms.


Where We Dropping Boys?

For the following stuff please reference this map:

fortnite map

My favorite places to land:

In the top left corner of square E9, there is a really good drop place with one of the highest concentration of chests and there are rarely more than two other people. If you can dominate there, you could easily leave with enough loot to fill half of Tilted Towers and that will help you win.

At the bottom of H2 you see a place called Risky Reels. It has a little more combat with normally about 3 to 5 people. It has lots of chests in a small place. However, there is also a loot llama spawn near there. i have found two loot llamas there.

In C4 and C5 there is a mountain. However, one side of the mountain is taken by a missile silo with lots of weapon drops but not as many chests. There are usually a couple people so land on the top to get the high ground.

And of course, everybody’s favorite…


Located at D5 and D6, it is essentially chests in the form of a city. With rising buildings, this place is the biggest chest hotspot. Each building alone can have between 5 and 15 chests. Beware: there are usually about 40 players dropping there. It is a good place to get combat experience but also a good place to die.


Sniper fight:

Always move except for a second when you have a shot. Don’t be out in the open. Build cover all the way around. I once killed Ali-A by sniping him when he was sniping someone else.

Ranged fight:

Typically with hunting rifles and assault rifles. Keep moving constantly no matter what and build cover. If out in the open, jump and crouch randomly.

Shotgun fight:

If you have two pumps, switching continually between them yields a high fire rate. constantly jump and get up close to people to do maximum damage. Backing people up against a wall is a great way to get a free shot. It is generally recommended to start with a pump and get one or two shots before switching to tactical. This deals the maximum amount of damage however two pumps deals more damage.

Pickaxe fight:

If you are in one you are a total idiot and deserve to get 70th place.

In general: Jump and stay behind cover while reloading. You can generally take three seconds to drink two minis before your opponent realizes you aren’t shooting at them.




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