Clash Royale: 95%

Why: The game if fun and not to money grabby. It is easy to progress without or with in app purchases. A great strategy game with constant updates and a good community. However, you can get really unfair deals occasionally for a low price. This can upset the balance and maybe 1 out of 20 battles you find a player with 8 level 10 legendaries that randomly places them down and beats you.

War Robots: 90%

Why: In the beginning, the game is really fair but the constant chance games that yield unfair rewards for a low price quickly draws you in. It gets money grabby fast. If you are a good hardcore player (ahem ahem) you can problably even the odds through skill but if you are and you spend money, you will easily win every single game. Also, the teams are often unfair.

BTD5: 100%

Why: The game is really fun and yields fair rewards for purchases and they do not imbalance the game. You can still beat the game without spending money. This game never really ends. With the constant updates, you will never get bored. it is easy to see why it has always been one of the top hundred paid games on the app store.

Space Arena: 100%

Why: The game is awesome. It is not pay 2 win, has unique gameplay, and a great community. There are no big flaws except the VEGA WALL which can be beaten with the help of the hundreds of helpful people on the discord. Go see my page about it for more info. 🙂



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