Space Arena Review

Space Arena. One of my all time favorite games. You are a bidding spaceship designer and you have decided to enter the Space Arena, where millions of others just like you create designs, send them off to battle, and make entertainment for many others. The game is astounding. Join me on my space adventure as I walk you through why you should play.

The gameplay is completely unique. I have never seen a game like this. You design your spaceship using a template and researched weapons. As you level up, you buy larger templates for better weapons. The basic ship is shown here:img_0202

But the ships you buy as you level up can be as large as this:


with supports as awesome as these:


Weapons variate between ballistics to missiles to lasers of all kinds. There are shields and armor and repair bays and defense systems. All of which, I might add, require power.

As you can see, the strategy required is high. Well built ships can overpower larger ships with the right strategy.

This game isn’t pay to win. Yes, the deals often give extravagant rewards, but strategy trumps money. If you decide to pay, it offers fair rewards.

The discord is amazing. They can help you with anything, the community is awesome, the list goes on. No matter what, the discord community will help you get through and teach you awesome new strategies. Have designers’ block? Can’t make a good ship? Ask away!

The game is simply awesome. It is hard to describe the joy as you finally beat those pesky Vegas. The elation as you buy a new ship. And the sadness when your awesome ship, the one that beat that person, finally dies. You begin anew and design a new ship, one capable of defeating everyone in your weight class.

I encourage you to play this game. It can be played in small increments or for hours on end. It never gets boring. If there is a problem, the staff are amazing and will give you what you deserve.

Space Arena is amazing with no large flaws. The game is fair, fun, and requires deep thinking. Should you replace those weapons with more armor? Should those armor plates be weapons? As you dig deeper, the mechanics grow more complicated. Should you have less power to warp after your opponent? The meta is always changing. Updates are still coming after 2 years. There are so many reasons the game is one of the best strategy games on mobile. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS???? Go get it NOW!
















Seriously it’s a heck of  a good game



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